Corner Kick Survey

  1. Are you a Participant, Parent or Friend of soccer?
  2. Are you Male or Female?
  3. What is your age group
  4. How often do you or your
friends, children play soccer?
  5. Which product or products
of Corner Kick merchandise
do you prefer?
  6. Which products do you feel
are missing from the Corner
Kick line of merchandise and
would like to see included?

7. What categories interest
you most?

  8. Would you subscribe to a
soccer newsletter?
  9.Would you prefer a
subscription soccer newsletter
to be on the web or printed?
  10. Would you be interested in soccer scholarships for college?
  11. Additional comments


Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey!


  12. Email Address

Once submitted your form will go directly to Corner Kick and you will be re-directed to
Corner Kick International, Inc.
21 Stuyvesant Oval, Suite 8E
New York, NY 10009
Fax: 212-696-1066